Fare is the only payment and dispatch platform built for independent ride-hail and scheduled services.

Customers pay directly to your account

Fare Pay™ makes it easy for customers to pay the fare and tip directly to your account. That's your business.

Partnered for success

With modern features and premium support you are partnered for success.

How do I get started?

Step 1:

Create your Fare account

Step 2:
Get verified

A. Insurance
B. Background Check

Step 3:
Get the app

Get access to the apps you need

Step 4:

Enable Fare Rewards

Fare Foundation App

  • Insurance Platform
  • Continuous Background Checks
  • Driver Business Listing
  • Savings and Rewards Account
  • Dispatch and Ride-Hail Apps
  • iOS / Android
  • Cancel Anytime

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