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We want everyone to be safe and feel safe, so Fare Rides supplies drivers and riders with important information before and after each ride. Our goal is to protect everyone using our apps by expanding safety measures across the platform.

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Collecting the license plate number along with the make and model of the vehicle both drivers and riders are encouraged to cross-check these data points before engagement. Other information is typically available as well, such as the driver’s name, destination, and even photos. Most importantly take it upon yourself to be informed and ask questions before you get into the car.

Everything user-initiated, in-app or other identifying criteria is standard for Fare Rides to collect throughout a transaction. We are always continuing to build rider safety features that apply while "in-the-ride" and prove to be an effective in keeping riders safe. Our advanced data collection is designed to expand the security portfolio of a ride by introducing safety checks at every stage of the ride. As we start to open up our communities again en-route protective measures for added safety and security will be introduced. The goal is connecting the data of the car and passengers with local emergency services and 911 call centers.

Fare Rides allows for in-app options to share your ride status with others by text, email and live ride status. This can include make and model of the vehicle, estimated arrival time, and even route information. If a passenger veers off course or fails to make it to the destination at the expected time, emergency contacts outside of the ride can use these key descriptors to request emergency assistance.

Through our partner riders can access the 9-1-1 assistance feature to discreetly text or call emergency service providers, whichever is the safer option. This gives dispatchers near instantaneous access to additional critical information, such as precise location data, the identity of the caller, and details of the driver.

Drivers are background screened continuously and verified monthly to carry valid insurance and the licensees needed to operate in cites across the nation. Fare Rides has partnered with some of the best in insurance and compliance industries to keep everyone safe on the road and moving place to place. Regarding Colors

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